Food and Cosmetics Industry

Manufacturing food and cosmetic products, equal attention must be focused to the filtration of process air.

The following subjects are to be taken care of:

  • Effective filtration of even finest dusts, which can deeply penetrate into the lungs.
    The effective filtration of PM2,5 dusts can only be achieved by means of a 2⁠-⁠stage HEPA filter system, which guarantees a constant filter efficiency of H14 EN 1822.
    The system must be a modular design, so that an offline dust recovery of smallest dust particles and aerosols becomes possible.
  • Hygiene conditions in the production area.
    An effective dust collection and air management within the production rooms must be ensured, so that they remain clean at all times and that no mold or germs can grow there and contaminate the new product.
  • Throughout explosion prevention.
    When manufacturing organic material, all technically possible precautions must be taken to avoid a likely dust explosion.
    The Containment Technology Filter System is designed in a way, that it does not underlie the ATEX Machinery Directive 2014/34/EU.
    Due to that no pressure-relief devices, such as rupture discs or explosion suppression systems, have to be used.
  • Remarkable energy saving possibilities.
    Due to the constant filter efficiency of H14 EN 1822 of the 2-stage filter system, in which the 2nd stage serves as a police filter only, the filtered process air can be returned into the production room.
    The costs for the air conditioning and filtration of fresh air can be significantly reduced.

The Containment Technology filter system is also tailor-made for the special requirements
in food and cosmetic production.