10 steps to close the gap in the containment
Step 8: Fully automated control technology
to avoid false handling of the system by the operator at any time.

In order not to brake containment at any time the HEPA filter unit is fully automated, its proper function is throughout controlled and displayed.

The HEPA filter system is equipped with a highly sophisticated control technology.

All set parameters, such as the required air volume at a set suction pressure are constantly maintained at any time and monitored at its display.

In addition, all the mechanical functions of the filter system are monitored and displayed accordingly.

The necessary emptying of the dust containers are monitored and displayed by level sensors, so that the emptying of the containers takes place in time.

The respective pressure differential of each HEPA filter cassette at both filter stages is controlled and monitored so that damage of a HEPA filter cassette stage 1 is detected immediately, and thus a pollution of the environment becomes impossible.

All further functions or errors are in detail monitored and transferred by potential free contacts to central controls or production machines.

Altogether the self-cleaning HEPA filter system is due to safety reasons designed in a way, so that its function is never stopped, and the production has not to be interrupted at any time.

The HEPA filter system is stopped only in the case of no energy supply.
In that case an alarm is initiated in the production area, production has to be stopped and operators have to be evacuated immediately.

Monitoring the handling of the filtration system

The filter system is designed in such a way that all motors for flaps and cylinders, function automatically and thus a personnel false handling of the filter system is impossible.

  1. Grading of standardized self-cleaning HEPA filter units according to OEB requirements OEB 1-6.
  2. Selection of equivalent self-cleaning HEPA filter systems, which comply with the respective production machine(s), so that both can be validated at the same OEB level.
  3. Avoidance of cross-contamination.
    Engineering of air management solutions, so that no cross-contamination of products can occur.
  4. Developing filtration islands
    for 1-5 production machines only.
  5. Protection of the environment.
    Guaranteed filter efficiency H14 EN 1822 at any time.
  6. Protection of the operator during dust recovery
    OEB 1-6
  7. Protection of the operator during HEPA filter change
    OEB 1-6
  8. Fully automated control technology
    to avoid false handling of the system by the operator at any time.
  9. Explosion prevention
    to avoid any kind of explosion within the filter system and thus protect the operator and the environment, as well as prevent cross-contamination.
  10. Validation of the filter system. The self-cleaning HEPA filter system becomes a fully adequate production machine.