10 steps to close the gap in the containment
Step 5: Protection of the environment.
Guaranteed filter efficiency H14 EN 1822 at any time.

The self-cleaning HEPA filter system is consequently designed in accordance to requirements in the nuclear industry:

  • Modular construction,

    so that when a leakage occurs in one module it can be easily detected, and the other modules are not affected.
  • Consequently 2-stage HEPA filter system,
    whereby the stage 1 is a cleanable HEPA filter cassette which has an individual police – HEPA filter cassette as a second security level.
  • Each module is standardly equipped with measuring lances,
    by laser particle counters it can be proven that the seal of the HEPA cassette is undamaged and the filter medium of the police – HEPA filter cassette has no leakage.

During validation, and if required also during operation, it can be proven 
and protocoled in each individual module, that the filtration efficiency H14 EN 1822 has been reached at any time and that no dust particles and pollutants have been emitted into the environment.

  1. Grading of standardized self-cleaning HEPA filter units according to OEB requirements OEB 1-6.
  2. Selection of equivalent self-cleaning HEPA filter systems, which comply with the respective production machine(s), so that both can be validated at the same OEB level.
  3. Avoidance of cross-contamination.
    Engineering of air management solutions, so that no cross-contamination of products can occur.
  4. Developing filtration islands
    for 1-5 production machines only.
  5. Protection of the environment.
    Guaranteed filter efficiency H14 EN 1822 at any time.
  6. Protection of the operator during dust recovery
    OEB 1-6
  7. Protection of the operator during HEPA filter change
    OEB 1-6
  8. Fully automated control technology
    to avoid false handling of the system by the operator at any time.
  9. Explosion prevention
    to avoid any kind of explosion within the filter system and thus protect the operator and the environment, as well as prevent cross-contamination.
  10. Validation of the filter system. The self-cleaning HEPA filter system becomes a fully adequate production machine.